UNISON Loughborough launches it’s first book club

Loughborough UNISON have set up a fantastic online Book Club for UNISON members and other members of staff.


To be invited as a new member for the online application and mailing list please contact c.angus@lboro.ac.uk 



We shall be meeting face to face at Loughborough University and using an online application to view the next book club date and vote for our reads. You are also able to add your own suggestions to this area.



The club is organised by the Unison Learning Reps and is open to members and non-members of Unison.



The group meets on the first Wednesday once a month.



We meet in the UNISON Branch Office and get on with the discussion whilst many of us eat our sarnies. We aim to wrap up 10 minutes to the hour so people can get back to the office without feeling rushed. If you arrive a bit late, don’t worry please just join in the discussion.


Subscription fees

There are no subscription fees, but members need to buy their own books.


For more information on the first meeting and subsequent meetings please visit our events page here