Future Feelings: A Workshop on Orientations to ‘the future’

15 May 2019 3:00pm–5:00pm

Martin Hall MHL.1.17a/b

It’s Learning Week on Loughborough campus, and UNISON are hosting a two-hour workshop on how we as humans engage with our own future.

How do we engage with ‘the future’? And how does this relate to what we do in the present? What is this thing called the future anyway? Drawing on examples from film, literature and art – and the experiences of participants – this workshop will consider different ways of thinking and feeling about the future. Is it a space of possibility, hope and Utopian longing? Or one filled by fear, trepidation and Dystopian collapse? Or just more of the same? How do ecological, political, social and economic futures interlink? What is the future’s relationship to the past and present? Led by David Bell, LU Arts Programme Co-Ordinator and the author of Rethinking Utopia, the workshop won’t offer easy answers, but might catalyse a different orientation to the possibilities – and dangers – offered by time yet to come.

Facilitator:  David Bell

LU Arts Programme Co-Ordinator and the author of Rethinking Utopia.

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