Giving up Blame Workshop

22 January 2019 1:00pm–2:00pm

Stewart Mason SMB0.02 Loughborough University

Holocaust Memorial Day is 27 January 2019

As part of Unison’s activities on Loughborough campus, there will be a one-hour workshop on Giving Up Blame


We live in a world where blame is on the increase.  Whenever anything happens, we appear to need to find someone to blame for it.  Whatever the issue, however small or big.

The act of blaming others denies our own role – and the opportunities we have to take action in more positive ways.

The habit and culture of blaming is not of course only about Jews.  But the habit and practice of blaming does provide fertile ground for anti-semitism.  Jews have been blamed and are blamed for a wide variety of economic, social and political misfortunes.


This one-hour workshop will provide a very brief summary of some of the ways that Jews have been blamed and ‘scapegoated’.  Then we will look at what it might mean in our own lives to give up blaming others and ourselves.   Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to work and study on a campus without blame?


This will be an interactive workshop, with a chance to share thoughts and to consider changes you might make.


Facilitator:  Amanda Harrington

Amanda is an Associate Lecturer in the School of Business and Economics.  She is a psychologist, with a Christian background, and is looking forward to spending this time with YOU.